How can I troubleshoot access issues on my Android device?

Issue: I'm trying to connect to an application like WhatsApp or Skype on my Android, but it won't let me access the app or website.

How To Access Applications on Android Using VPN 360

First, please make sure of the following:

1. You are logged into your paid, Premium subscription so that you can change your Virtual Location.
2. You are running the latest version of VPN 360 for Android.
3. Your application does not require you to be signed into an account registered from another country. 
3. Your internet connection is fast enough to stream video. 
4. You have turned off Location Services on your mobile device, as follows:

Go to SETTINGS>LOCATION on your phone and toggle the location switch to OFF.

Next, delete your Android app data.

Please do not open the app without VPN 360 turned on. This will ensure that your real IP address will not be saved.

Because IP addresses are randomly assigned through our servers, another workaround is to disconnect and reconnect until you acquire a different IP range. You can check your IP Address at

If you are still unable to connect after this, please send us the following information so that we can troubleshoot further:

  1. The name of the app.
  2. Your mobile data provider or ISP.
  3. Your IP Address with VPN 360 both connected and disconnected
  4. A screenshot of the message.